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Fog and haze to promote domestic PV market?

With the development of networks, "PV" well known by more and more people. In 2010 one mentioned solar, people can only think of solar water heaters, heard "photovoltaic" term feel fresh. When you know the Sun can power on the light onto a piece of glass, a lot of people will think this is a very advanced technology. "So incredible! "This is most people's feelings. We feel this is something new, he is far away from.
Taiwan was begun PV, sinovideo has become Asia's largest production base of solar. But their eyes only to make foreigners ' money, because foreign support for PV earlier. But since July 24, 2012, PV manufacturers in Europe to the European Union against China "double reverse" investigation request, China PV began to decline. End March 2013 Suntech announced bankruptcy reorganization, shows the domestic PV market entered a period of winter. China Solar did come to an end? No, he didn't! China has a vast domestic market did not open up.
There is no doubt that China's huge market, from rural PV market. Limited roof space of urban housing, installation difficulties, contrary to Chinese rural families have roofs and roof are in the North of the North triangle roof, low utilization of the roof, install the distributed photovoltaic materials; Northern South over the flat roofs, distributed PV installation and easy to maintain; annual average solar radiation high in the North 1600KW˙h/territory m2, low rainfall, compared with excellent wet weather conditions in the South. So the North is suitable for single-crystal silicon solar module, high conversion efficiency, more suitable for the installation of polysilicon solar modules in the South, good low light.
How to open the domestic PV market, is a problem to be solved. Countryside's biggest problem is universal and subsidy policy problems. Should first make people understand distributed PV, you can build model villages or demonstration area, Hefei city, Anhui Province, for example, to 105 poor farmers free installation of distributed photovoltaic power plant. And then advanced by advocacy for grid-connected PV subsidy policy, subsidies are subsidies for electricity prices can also be a one-off subsidy for photovoltaic panels. While distributed PV power station should be established at county-level and township-level service network in order to address emerging issues in a timely manner including equipment failure, installation advice and also do a good job subsidies granted electricity tariffs. Service Advisory was published separately in the local television station and China Central television and monitor phone calls, and make people believe that the country is confident, will also make the domestic PV market.
Distributed PV for families, you can use several "merge" mode. Elected compared understand technology of personnel to county or Xiang level for career training, while will inverse variable device, equipment installation in he home, by he maintenance, others home of PV Board issued of DC electric are transmission to Central inverse variable device of way, only need loaded a two-way meters on can, let more family distributed PV grid became may, while reduced has more than respectively application to power brings of troubled, also save has two-way meters of costs. Electricity bill, payment of subsidies calculated according to Watt, component maintenance costs individual settlement, public equipment wear and maintenance costs according to the assessment method to protect everyone's interests.
Solar water heater, now there is still a big bottleneck in the domestic market. Balcony solar power is used in the city, the panels on the balcony outside, inside the water tank on the balcony, from the kitchen to the bathroom, a balcony, water heater pipe is too long, and cold water out of pipes, washing, very convenient to use. Used balcony installation PV Board of way, will water heater installation in indoor shortened has pipeline, makes people of hot can that open that with, extra of power also can home using or whole building floor concentrated grid, also solution has water heater installation in balcony, summer hot burst boiling appeared of burst tube situation (buildings solar water heater used bearing pressure design, in set hot Board water boiling Hou, tank of pressure will increased, many tank because as valve, components aging caused leaking, and burst tube), reduced has "TALK BIG" of occurred, Also solves solar water heaters use on cold water, and then with hot water, resulting in a waste of resources problem. In rural areas, solar water heaters was unusable in the winter because water tanks and solar panels are an outdoor, so very easy to water and water pipes froze, solar energy can only be used in summer and fall. Expansion and contraction caused by frozen pipes because water more easily aging and damaged and leakage.

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