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Open the transformer casing obvious advantages of what you know

Optical instrument transformer's advantages relative to conventional electromagnetic transformer, optical transformer has obvious advantages:
(1) measurement in high voltage and large current environment, fiber or optical media is a good insulator, it can meet the insulation requirements of high pressure work environment;
(2) there is no traditional current transformer secondary circuit high voltage danger, as well as traditional oil-voltage and current transformer oil spill, danger of explosion;
(3) does not produce magnetic saturation and ferromagnetic resonance phenomenon, it is particularly useful for fault diagnosis of high voltage and large current environment;
(4) the wide frequency band, from DC to a few hundred kHz, suitable for relay protection and detection;
(5) the large dynamic range, large dynamic range and high linearity of response;
(6) adapted to the digital signal processing of power system now required, it can also be used to protect, monitor and measure for the purpose of high speed remote sensing, telemetry systems;
(7) the entire measuring equipment compact structure, light weight, cheap;
(8) the function modules are relatively independent, easy to install and maintain, and suitable for network measurements.

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