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Mechanical insulation of electric cables to take the most advanced cooling technology

Cable Accessories installation without special tools, simple and quick; no hot work safe; ontology durable radial pressure on cable, and cable with "breathing", with good waterproof seal, which ensures long-term reliable operation. A full set of products the most advanced cooling technology, no hot work and special tools, installation, simply line the core elastomer is shrinking rapidly and confining to the desired installation location. Cable Accessories for all of the raw material imports, using silicone rubber with excellent insulation properties and high elastic recovery, always cable will not run after installation of respiration resulting breakdown points breakdown. All products are sealed using special adhesive joints to achieve overall sealing to prevent and avoid accident due to ring into the atmosphere. Cable Accessories contamination resistance, aging resistance, hydrophobicity, and has superior cold resistance, especially suitable for high altitude and cold areas, wet areas, salt spray, and heavily polluted regions. Installed without fire, especially for petroleum, chemical, mining and other inflammable and explosive locations.

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