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Discussion on how to correctly use the opened transformer shell

Open-type transformer, also known as open type current transformer, combination transformer, suitable for AC power system 35KV and 10KV below current measuring and protection of power supply equipment, it is widely used in places such as factories, open the transformer enclosure manufacturer reminds you to correct use of transformers, pay attention to safety.
Open the transformer is a small volume, light weight, opening the product, easy to install, before using it, we first need to determine if its shell is intact, if broken you need immediate repair, can not continue to use, it is prone to security problems. At the time of installation, we need two and a half ring stuck on the cable, use hoop hoop tight, three elastic rubber ring against the cable so that it becomes one with cable. In addition, open-type transformers used for a period of time needed for testing and maintenance, so you can avoid failure.
Open the transformer housing manufacturers to alert you, whether it is to buy or install and use, we have to be carried out in accordance with the requirements, or prone to accidents.

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