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Selection of vacuum switchgear

Selection of vacuum switchgear, substations and power distribution, acceptance and distribution of power to different users tasks to be completed, there must be a main circuit system, it is implemented by a combination of different functional units, each functional unit is typically made up of 1 or 2 switch cabinet ... here are a number of considerations, reference for the user in the selection and design of switch cabinet.
Main wire programme
Each of the switch cabinet, install manual there may be all kinds of main wiring scheme and number forms. user is required by turbine and power to the specific situation in several standard wiring scheme of the form has not been selected, will combine to form a wiring diagram and a system diagram.
In accordance with the functions of main wiring scheme can be broadly divided into: cables, aerial access to the line, the access line about contact, measuring, protection, stations and other units.
Remove type switch cabinet, removable parts usually are: isolated circuit breaker breaker, breaker, voltage transformer handcart, handcart, handcart, handcart measurement, ground breaker surge arresters and other, which reflected many on the handcart.

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