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Sulphur hexafluoride circuit breaker where advantages compared with traditional vacuum circuit breaker?

Traditional complex manufacturing process of vacuum circuit breakers, high cost, interrupting the current hour, has the potential to yield higher voltage, voltage measurements need to be taken to reduce than these, sulphur hexafluoride circuit breaker also is an advantage
1) breaking performance
2) arc-quenching Chamber of high fracture resistance of pressure
3) long electrical life, long overhaul period SF6 circuit breakers, usually reach the rated breaking current 10-25, repair cycle of up to 10-20.
FS6 breaker disadvantages are:
4) low noise, suitable for frequent operation.
5) there is no fire hazard.
Electrical properties of electric field uniformity and effect of water and other impurities in particular, need a FS6 gas system, so the seal structure, components, structures and FS6 gas quality requirements are particularly high, and the need to take special measures to prevent low-fluorine compounds on human and material damage and impact.
In short, SF6 has superior performance, it developed rapidly in recent years, voltage level continues to increase. Especially the FS6 full closed combination electric development is compelling.

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